EditHosts is a tool for blocking ads, increased security and privacy protection for the Linux operating systems (like Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu, Lubuntu, Debian, or Linux Mint)

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Welcome to the project EditHosts

Here I would like to introduce you to the project EditHosts to block ads and malware sites for the Linux operating system.

EditHosts is hosts file editor, periodically downloads and updates the blacklist (its purpose is to immunize your computer against malicious, advertising and other undesirable sites). The program can update itself. By default, the user does not need to change anything or set.

The program is an ideal option to block annoying ads, prevention monitoring and increase safety on the level of the operating system. Unlike add-ons for browsers has been working at the operating system level, which uses the natural properties of the file /etc/hosts and therefore does not slow down the browser as well as supplements like Adblock Plus. The great advantage of the program EditHosts is functioning independent on the used browser.

The program simply install and already you do not have to worry about anything. It works automatically and maintenance-free, including updates blacklist unwanted sites and the program itself.

EditHosts can also temporarily disabling blocking, after a set time in the configuration file blocking is active again.

The main components of the program EditHosts are programmed in bash, so it is easy for users to read and be configured.

Price of the program EditHosts is free, however, you can send any voluntary contribution.

Newly EditHosts also blocks ads over IPv6.

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